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Physical fitness for golf - a very important aspect of the game. If you are looking for a golf fitness program to help you improve your golf game, or even a golf fitness academy where you can go and learn how to get fit for golf, you can find the information you require right here.

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This category contains information about physical fitness for golf. From getting golf fitness certification so you can be an instructor at a golf fitness academy, to finding the perfect golf fitness program to improve your game, it's all here.


Golf Fitness Listings:

1. Perform Better Golf
Find golf fitness training products, books, and videos to improve your game quickly, eliminate injuries and shed pounds fast.
Perform Better Golf

2. Slice Your Score Ultimate Golf Fitness Program
Slice Your Score Ultimate Golf Fitness Program is a collection of cutting-edge stretches, exercises and nutrition programs designed to add PGA caliber distance to your drive while reducing your chance of injury and fatigue.
Slice Your Score Ultimate Golf Fitness Program

3. Q-Link Golf Pendant
Over 300 Tour Professionals wear the Q-Link pendant to help them improve focus, reduce stress and anxiety, and lower golf scores. Watch unpaid testimonials from tour winners (video).
Q-Link Golf Pendant

4. The Best Golf Fitness Products on the Net!
The Best Golf Fitness DVDs, E-books, Books, Manuals, Articles and Online Golf Fitness Memberships from the World's Leading Golf Fitness Experts
The Best Golf Fitness Products on the Net!

5. Simple Fitness Solutions
Portable strength training, pilates and stretching equipment: exercise bands, exercise balls, stretch strap, videos and more
Simple Fitness Solutions

6. Slice Your Score
Slice Your Score is the Ultimate Golf Fitness Program. Add PGA Caliber Distance, Triple Your Stamina And Stay Injury Free. This Is The Only All-In-One Program You Will Ever Need!
Slice Your Score

7. Fitness for Golf
Stronger-Leaner-Fitter! Explore golf fitness exercises and stretches designed for all levels of play. Download your golf exercise programs immediately!
Fitness for Golf

8. Fitness Programs
Unique programs to develop your ability to focus on your body and how you are using it. Learn to play in The Zone and take your golf to a higher level.
Fitness Programs

9. Poplar Fitness
Online fitness programs and exercise workouts. Articles, guides and information on cardiovascular exercise, weight, strength, flexibility training, nutrition and weight management. Free fitness, bodybuilding tips, newsletter and resources.
Poplar Fitness

10. Power Golf Training
Power Golf Training provides information on golf fitness exercises and golf swing tips for golfers seeking to improve their game and increase the power in their golf swing.
Power Golf Training

11. Professional Sports Trainer Lynn Colombo
Whether you need the stamina to serve and volley in the 3rd set or drop 10 strokes off your handicap, Lynn Colombo's professional guidance and experience will help you achieve all of your personal fitness goals.
Professional Sports Trainer Lynn Colombo

12. Golf Fitness DVD's
A complete selection of golf fitness DVD's to help every part of your golf game. Golf Fitness DVD's

13. Kelly Blackburn Health & Fitness
Health & Golf Fitness resource from fitness expert and PGA TOUR Pro consultant Kelly Blackburn.
Kelly Blackburn Health & Fitness

14. Get Fit to Golf - Golf Swing Training and Fitness Clinic
Lower your golf score with an interactive online physical analysis that produces a personalised golf swing training and fitness program that corrects your individual swing faults based on posture, muscle imbalances, & biomechanics.
Get Fit to Golf - Golf Swing Training and Fitness Clinic

15. Golf Fitness Guide
Add 30 yards to your drives without changing your swing with easy tips and techniques that will transform your game.
Golf Fitness Guide

16. Real Agility Golf
Home of The "Flex Method" Golf Muscle Building System
Real Agility Golf

17. Akard Personal Fitness Trainer
Phoenix Personal trainer in Scottsdale, Arizona. Personal trainer Chris Akard is featured fitness expert on KTVK 3TV.
Akard Personal Fitness Trainer

18. Your Golf Fitness Coach
The individualized approach to improving your golf strength, golf flexibility, and ultimately your golf performance
Your Golf Fitness Coach

19. Women's Golf Performance Program
The web's first and only womens golf performance program geared to improve women golfers game through golf-specific exercises.
Women's Golf Performance Program

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