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1. Center of Gravity Golf
Rob Bernard's Center of Gravity Golf Fundamentals teaches golfers all over the world how ball position and the consistency triangle can improve your golf game guaranteed.
Center of Gravity Golf

2. Golf Instruction DVD
Guaranteed to shave 7 strokes off your scores! Golf DVD by PurePoint Golf teaches unique swing theory that will lower your handicap and is simple to apply. As seen in Golf Illustrated!
Golf Instruction DVD

3. Golf Instruction
Golf instruction videos guaranteed to lower your golf handicap by 7 strokes.
Golf Instruction

4. Golf Instruction
Golf instruction to improve your swing with video resources, putting instruction and golf schools.
Golf Instruction

A PGA Tour-proven golf instruction, golf fitness and golf swing improvment site. Sean Cochran, Phil Mickelson's tour traveling personal trainer presents free golf tips and instruction to golfers of all levels.

6. Ultimate Performance
This is the most extensive conditioning program for golf available in the market today. With the emphasis on stability, flexibility and mobility in the golf swing, the program addresses what it takes to get the most out of your particular game…
Ultimate Performance

7. Discover the Keys to an Effortless Golf Swing
Play better golf - easy to follow stratergies answering the most often asked questions about enjoying and playing better golf.
Discover the Keys to an Effortless Golf Swing

8. Golf for Champions
Golf swing instruction, golf tips and golf fitness training aids designed to bring about the true champion in every level of play.
Golf for Champions

9. Pocket Pro
A Personal Game-Plan and Strategy System for golfers
Pocket Pro

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