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1. Video Swing Analysis
Professional golf lesson using video swing analysis.
Video Swing Analysis

2. Probable Golf Instruction
Lower scores with no physical practice by making better choices on the course. Better than a new club or ball. "Master Your Own Game." Applied physics and math using the latest scientific research.
Probable Golf Instruction

3. Easy 80 Golf
Possibly the simplest and best instruction for beginner and amateur golfers alike results are guaranteed - or your money back.
Easy 80 Golf

Especially for the beginner, this site offers golfing lessons and tips, a golf fitness section, a Lady Golfer section, equipment reviews, newsletter and more.

5. Golf Lessons Online
Golf Lessons Online is an Online Streaming Video Golf Lesson, with over 100 Lessons, Tips & Instructions to help you improve your Golf Game!
Golf Lessons Online

6. Golf Training Central
Golf Instruction for beginners. Learn the basic fundamentals of the Golf Swing Mechanism.Improve your golf handicap. Share your golf tips and golf stories with our readers. Advice on Golf Training Aids.
Golf Training Central

The for golfers!

8. GolfLessons.TV - Free Video Golf Lessons Online
Golf Lessons TV Over 150 invaluable yet free golf lessons are featured on GolfLessons.TV. Each and every golf lesson given by the pros will help you improve your golf game.
GolfLessons.TV - Free Video Golf Lessons Online

9. Storm Golf Instruction
Online Golf Instruction including: Perfect Golf Swing, The Short Game, Trouble Shots, Advanced Shot Making, Practice Perfect, The Mental Game and Golf Swing Analysis.
Storm Golf Instruction

10. Aspiring Golfer
Advanced golf lessons, Q School preparation, Amateur tournament preparation, and more.
Aspiring Golfer

11. Best Golf Instruction Ever
The effective, affordable Conventional Swing or the NoChoke Swing is an indepth description of how to easily incorporate basic fundimentals to make a better player.
Best Golf Instruction Ever

12. Brighton Golf Academy
The worlds most extensive instructional web site
Brighton Golf Academy

13. Rotary Golf Instruction
Golf Lesson Academy brings you three ways to a world class golf swing. Download video golf lessons, participate in online group or private golf lessons, get a video golf swing analysis.
Rotary Golf Instruction

Ultimate Golf Directory