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1. - Where Golfers Meet - Social Network for Golfers is the Premier Online Social Network for golfers. The community is absolutely free to join and connects golfers with similar interests through online communities. - Where Golfers Meet - Social Network for Golfers

The World's largest golf community. Forums, equipment reviews, game tracking, chat, and more.

3. World Golf Tournament
Golf community open to all golfers
World Golf Tournament

4. The Golf Clubs - Where Deals Are Made
Online golfing community that connects people through a network of trusted friends and meeting place where golf enthusiasts, beginners and professionals can socialize, make new acquaintances and find others who share their interests.
The Golf Clubs - Where Deals Are Made

5. Golf Blab
Golf forum, golf games, fantasy golf, news & information
Golf Blab

6. Golf Gizmos Golfers Forum
Forum for Senior and Junior Golfers. A place to discuss golf training, golf teaching & playing golf to golf courses & golf club reviews golf equipment reviews tournaments & your favourite professional golf players. Learn about golf and share information.
Golf Gizmos Golfers Forum

7. Golf Tuition Online
The #1 global golf community. Discussions on all aspects of the golf world in our forums. Free online P.G.A. video instruction, equipment advice, beginners section, buy & sell your equipment in our golf classifieds section, photo gallery and much more.
Golf Tuition Online

8. Bounce Back Golf
Bounceback golf is a combination of a social network and stats recorder. Connect with your friends and collect your stats, share and compare with your friends, create competitive leader boards, see performance graphs and much more. Join for free.
Bounce Back Golf

9. Society of Golf
The best place to track your golf scores and handicap online - for free. Form groups with friends, learn about the handicap system, improve your game.
Society of Golf

10. SpyGolfer Forums
Spy Golf Forum
SpyGolfer Forums

11. Mulligan+
Our Vzine is packed with some great video lessons and articles to help get the basics right. Mulligan+ is a great social utility website to meet other golf partners

12. Murcia Golf
we are a golfing community located in murcia, spain. we share photo's, news, and information on all of murcia's developing golf courses.
Murcia Golf

Italian biggest golf community, news, course reviews, photos, games and many more

Ultimate Golf Directory