Golf Swing Tips

Everyone can use good golf swing tips which is why we have created this category full of sites which can help you improve golf swing technique. Whether you are brand new to golf and want to learn the proper golf swing, or want to find a golf swing tip to correct a problem with your existing golfswing, you can find it all right here.

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Find a Tip to Improve or Learn the Proper GolfSwing

If you want to know what the proper golf swing should look and feel like, or you want to find a golf swing tip that will show you how to improve golf swing speed, you can find a lot of help here in our directory.


Golf Swing Basics:

1. Destroy Your Slice Forever
These simple step-by-step tips will permenantly cure your slice. You will quickly see how easy it really is to hit straight long golf shots.
Destroy Your Slice Forever

2. Correct Your Golf Slice
If you think that being able to hit consistent draws just like a pro takes hundreds of hours of practice, think again… This site will enable you to take just 15 minutes of your day, every day for 21 days and you will be drawing the ball like a pro... adding at least 17 yards to your shot!
Correct Your Golf Slice

3. How To Break 80
Stop hacking your way around the golf course and drop your handicap to single digits immediately! If you always shoot in the 80's or 90's and have been unable to break 80 then you need to check out the great tips on this site.
How To Break 80

4. Shave 7 strokes off your game in 1 week
Learn how to build a consistent, repeatable golf swing that you can trust in just 7 days. You will be hitting straight down the middle of the fairway with these easy to follow tips. This site is a must see for those that want to have confidence in their swing.
Shave 7 strokes off your game in 1 week

5. Golf Swing Eureka!
Join the 1% of Golfers who swing like a Pro... Find out how a 37 year old amateur golfer stumbled onto an amazing golf swing secret, which enabled him to hit the ball straighter and further, and cut his average round of golf by 30 shots!
Golf Swing Eureka!

6. 220 + Golf Tips for Weekend Warriors
Over 220 tips including how to putt, how to chip, how to hit a pitch shot, how to play fairways, how to drive, proper golf course management, and much much more!
220 + Golf Tips for Weekend Warriors

7. Golf Swing Dynamics
Golf swing tips and instruction featuring the golf swing as a dynamic and athletic motion.
Golf Swing Dynamics

8. How to Shoot In The 70's
Learn how to build a perfect golf swing from the ground up. Start seeing results in minutes with this innovative approach to the golf swing.
How to Shoot In The 70's

9. Improve Your Golf Game
Tips and training aids to help with your golf game, including plenty of golf swing help.
Improve Your Golf Game

Ultimate Golf Directory - Tips for your GolfSwing. Whether you want to improve your golf swing or want to learn the golf swing basics, you'll find what you need here.