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Welcome to our free putting tips category. Whether you want to learn the proper golf putting grip or just need better putting help, we have a large database of sites to help you here. If you have a website that features golf putting grip help or putting instruction then please feel free to submit it to our directory.

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Tips for putting to improve your golf putting game

These sites contain free putting tips that will help you achieve your goal of better putting and reduce your scores.


Our Golf Putting Tips Listings:

1. Breakthrough Putting Secrets Revealed
Slash 9-to-11 strokes from your next game of golf using a simple, highly effective step-by-step putting formula not found antwhere else!
Breakthrough Putting Secrets Revealed

2. Become a Putting Genius
Have you been missing putts? Now you can finally do something about it with putting instruction from Dr. Robert Winters.
Become a Putting Genius

3. Build your own putting trainer
For less than $5 in parts this site will show you how to build your own putting trainer that will have you sinking more putts in no time.
Build your own putting trainer

4. Target Putting
Free original golf tips, a message board and the exclusive distributor the best selling ebook Target Putting
Target Putting

5. The Putting Edge
Start one-putting those greens and be the best putter in your foursome. My guide will show you how to determine your absolute line of putt.
The Putting Edge

6. Putt Magic
Anyone could putt that way but is it legal? And that putter's not legal either is it? "The easiest and most accurate way to putt" ~Dave Pelz
Putt Magic

7. PuttingZone Elite Putting Instruction
The Future of Putting Now - elite instruction, comprehenive resources.
PuttingZone Elite Putting Instruction

8. Golf Putting Tips
Golf Putting Help and Golf Practice Tips with full instruction from the "putt lights out" golf putting system. Putting Master reveals his golf putting system and tips for the first time ever.
Golf Putting Tips

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